RetComLife #1 – Introducing RetComLife

The new RJsCorner is going to include stories about my current life and times. I now reside in a retirement community and just didn’t know what to expect before I came. I have been here about three weeks now, but most of my furniture is still at the homestead. It will be coming within the next week. How I ended up here so quickly after my wife’s death on the 14th is another story, but won’t be covered here. Maybe that is for a future post?

Anyway, I intend to make these stories in a journal type thing with a good dose of humor. Kind of Will Rogers style.😉 He was my hero from an early age and was one of the primary topics here at RJsCorner when I started blogging in 2008.

I will start this series with the initial tour of the facilities and my thoughts about what I saw, but most of the future posts will likely center around the people I encounter, both residents and staff. That is what makes this new adventure such an interesting place to be in at this point in my life.

I don’t know how many of you are into British TV, but my main exposure to retirement community life (RetComLife) up until recently was via the show entitled “Waiting for God”. That show was a little off-the-wall, but I want to latch on to the humor of that series, and at the same time give it some serious thought. If that makes any sense? Of course, I will not use real names or even tell you which retirement community I have joined. The stories will be my own, but names are changed to protect the innocent. 😉

This post is just a warning of things to come in the coming Fridays. I think you will enjoy these stories, I know I am thoroughly enjoying them as I live them out. RJsCorner is intended to be among other things an educational experience, so this fits the venue just fine. I want to, in my own way, do a little to prepare you for what you may someday encounter.

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