RetComLife #36 – A Different Mindset…

It was a year ago today that started the beginning of the end for my wife. She had just suffered her 4th and most severe heart attack that would in 78 days result in her death. Those 78 days were the most stressful of my life! Being an Aspie I had more emotional breakdown during that time than I thought was even possible. For me, … Continue reading RetComLife #36 – A Different Mindset…

RetComLife#35 – Outside My Comfort Zone

I have decided to use the upcoming lifetime roadtrip to move out of my comfort zone and look for alternative areas of the country for my retirement community life. Except for four years in New Jersey, and a few months in Guadalajara Mexico, I have spent my life in Indiana, but I have almost no roots here anymore, so maybe it is time to get … Continue reading RetComLife#35 – Outside My Comfort Zone

RetComLife # 34 – Starting To Have Some Serious Doubts

I am starting to have my doubts whether I want to make my permanent home here in my present retirement community. That is what this post is all about. First, I am paying a lot of money for things I currently have little use for. My retirement community costs over $40,000/year. That is about average for my area, but it is at least a couple … Continue reading RetComLife # 34 – Starting To Have Some Serious Doubts

Until It’s Gone

This post like many, came to me in my daily morning shower. Over the past many years I have come to realize that I am a “morning” person. Most of my creative juices come during the first five or six hours after awakening each day. Before I got out of my shower, I had already formulated the storyline for this post. I usually try to … Continue reading Until It’s Gone

RetComLife#33 – I Am Tired Of …

Here I am sitting at my keyboard again, when I should be having dinner. Let me explain a little more. Some of you know that I have Aspie traits that make social situations uncomfortable. For that reason, I usually go to dinner here in my retirement community during the last fifteen minutes of the meal hour. I go down then because it there is usually … Continue reading RetComLife#33 – I Am Tired Of …

RetComLife #32 – Joining the 21st Century

My retirement community consumes hundreds of pounds of paper daily. Each of the 400 or so residents gets a dozen or so pages a day of notices/menus/activities/etc. related to our community life. I think maybe I hit a sore spot by bringing up this fact. Here we are 22 years into the new century, and they seem to be stuck in the 20th Century. Being … Continue reading RetComLife #32 – Joining the 21st Century

RetComLife #31 – The Second Day Cafe

It has been about two weeks now that my retirement community took away the cafe dining option and brought back the “sit and wait” as the only way to use my $350 monthly meal allocation. February was the only month in the eight months I have been here that I used even close to all of that monthly allotment. Before that, I seldom used more … Continue reading RetComLife #31 – The Second Day Cafe

RetComLife #30 – The Lucy Moment…

I want to tell you a little story about my retirement community home. Due to Omicron, they shut down the “sit and wait” dining room service in February and replaced it with a cafeteria type carry-out service. That proved to be almost ideal for me, as I don’t have to make every meal here an uncomfortable social event. Due to my Aspie traits I don’t … Continue reading RetComLife #30 – The Lucy Moment…

RetComLife #29 – Some Disappointments

I have been having some disappointments here at my retirement community lately. The main one are the dining options. I have a $350 monthly stipend for meals for each month. Until this month, I seldom used over $100 of that amount. When Omicron came on the scene in late January, the eat-in dining room was closed and replaced with a walk-up cafe option. That made … Continue reading RetComLife #29 – Some Disappointments

RetComLife #28 – Homestead vs Community Mindset

I have been in my retirement community now for over seven months, but much of me still remains at my homestead. RetComLife is much different from where I had been for a decade. It is more difficult than I imaged to throw off the homestead mindset. Where I was once surrounded by peaceful forests, I am now surrounded by my fellow retirement community citizens. Where … Continue reading RetComLife #28 – Homestead vs Community Mindset

RetComLive #26 – Who’s Who??

I am finding that one of the hardest things about living in my retirement community is learning who is who. I’m not certain, but I think there are about 400 of us living here, and after six months I can maybe put six names to faces. The staff always wear their name tags, so knowing them by name is easy-peasy. I am getting off-topic here … Continue reading RetComLive #26 – Who’s Who??

RetComLife #25 – LOCKDOWN!!

We are in almost total lockdown at my retirement community now. The dining room is shut down, and they have even stopped chauffeuring people to the local college basketball games. That was the one exemption that was left after last week’s notification. Don’t ask me the logic of that, but I am glad to see that it is now included with all the rest of … Continue reading RetComLife #25 – LOCKDOWN!!

RetComLife #24 – Lockdown & Communications

Today’s post of my view of my retirement community is about the latest lockdown and how my community is communicating with the residents. The Omicron version of COVID-19 has much of the country running scared right now, and my retirement community is no exception. The dining room is all but inaccessible again, at least to me. Social things have been cancelled. Everyone must wear masks … Continue reading RetComLife #24 – Lockdown & Communications

RetComLife#22- How Many Will Need To Join Retirement Communities?

A recent study from the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College found that 38 percent of 65-year-olds will develop moderate needs, almost one-quarter will have severe needs, 22 percent will have minimal needs and 17 percent will have no care needs. I don’t know the new math, but that says that about two-thirds of us Baby Boomers will soon require care that most families … Continue reading RetComLife#22- How Many Will Need To Join Retirement Communities?

RetComLife #19 – Things That Make Me Happy

One thing you should be paying attention to when you are choosing a retirement community is the weekly activities. Are there any that interest you or make you happy? I am still pretty active in my life away from my retirement community, but there will come a time when I will no longer be able to drive and the freedom that entails. When that happens, … Continue reading RetComLife #19 – Things That Make Me Happy

RetComLife #18 – Technology-Driven Improvements in Dining.

We Baby Boomers were the first generation to easily travel. Airplanes, the Interstate system and such allowed us to experience lots of regional and international foods that were not available to the previous generations who are presently the majority in senior communities. As we Baby Boomers retire we will demand more from retirement communities, especially in the area of cuisine. We will demand more than … Continue reading RetComLife #18 – Technology-Driven Improvements in Dining.

RetComLife #17 – Other Choices In Food Services

One thing that annoys me is that the sit-down dining option which is basically the only option aside from after the meal carry-outs in my retirement community wastes too much of my time. Having a full-service sit down dining is nice once in a while in that special restaurant, but you wouldn’t appreciate it for every meal you eat. I know many think we retirement … Continue reading RetComLife #17 – Other Choices In Food Services

RetComLife #16 – Cloud Kitchens & Café Dining

My retirement community is struggling to keep the dining services up to their usual standards. Wait staff is nearly impossible to find during this pandemic, so the salaried staff are having to provide that service in addition to their usual responsibilities. That is putting stress on everyone. The fact that the meals here cater almost exclusively to those who like bland unseasoned foods is a … Continue reading RetComLife #16 – Cloud Kitchens & Café Dining

RetComLife #15 – It Doesn’t Just Happen

The quality of any team doesn’t just happen. It is accomplished by the quality of the leadership. I know that from personal experience in the corporate world. You treat your team with respect, and they will gladly go the extra mile for you. That seems to be the case with my retirement community team. I spent thirty years in the corporate world in a half … Continue reading RetComLife #15 – It Doesn’t Just Happen

RetComLife #14 – You Have Got To Get Used To The Dying…

If you live in a retirement community, especially if it is also a Lifecare community, you have got to get used to the frequent presence of ambulances. Especially, if you are like me, and happen to face the delivery/pick-up entrance of the facility. I have heard many comments from future retirees about not wanting to live with only old people. There are a few alternatives … Continue reading RetComLife #14 – You Have Got To Get Used To The Dying…

RetComLife # 13 – It’s Not About Where

By almost all counts, I have been happy living in my retirement community home for the last three months. It has the things that make my life easier. The staff here is extraordinary. I love my cozy apartment, it fits me like a glove. My favorite part might be the walking path. That 0.66 mile route has resulted in a healthier lifestyle. There is a … Continue reading RetComLife # 13 – It’s Not About Where

RetComLife # 12 – What Do I Want To do With The Rest Of My Life?

While this question is maybe not be directly associated with my RetComLife, it is central to where and how I live the remainder of my life. So, I think it deserves your attention in this category. Given my recent experiences, I now realize I don’t want to waste a minute of the time I have left on this earth. My procrastination time is quickly disappearing. … Continue reading RetComLife # 12 – What Do I Want To do With The Rest Of My Life?

RetComLife #11 – The Wheels of Life

I had an epiphany of sorts the other day. Since I am now in a retirement community, I am around older people every day. A big majority of them either use walkers or canes to get around. There are over one-hundred independent living apartments in my community that share a common dining room. During each meal, but especially the dinner hour, there are almost as … Continue reading RetComLife #11 – The Wheels of Life

RetComLife #10 – Dining 🙁…

I can’t leave you with the idea that my RetComLife (retirement community life) is all positive for me. One of the areas that disappoints me is the dining room, including the menus and food preparation. That is what this post is all about. I get a monthly $350 credit to the dining room as part of the rent of my apartment. Whatever I don’t use … Continue reading RetComLife #10 – Dining 🙁…

RetComLife #9 – Privacy & Trade-offs

I continue to try to find my way through this new life I have chosen for myself. As usual, I want it to happen NOW, but realize that it is more of a journey than a short stop. Some of the things I am struggling with now are about privacy and trade-offs. That’s what this post is about. After twenty-one years of living in a … Continue reading RetComLife #9 – Privacy & Trade-offs

RetComLife #8 – It is a Puzzling Life

Yesterday on RetComLife #7 I told you one of the reasons I am staying here is because my new apartment is cozy. For this post, I will expand that thought with a puzzling situation. I’ve told you here before, but I’m sure you have forgotten it, that I am now an avid picture puzzle worker. That is one of the things that my wife kinda … Continue reading RetComLife #8 – It is a Puzzling Life

Chaos, Good News…

This is going to be one of those epiphany posts where I learn a little about myself. One of my favorite quotes comes from the sci-fi movie called Tron. Chaos, Good News I read that to mean that sometimes we just get too complacent with our life and need something to shake it up. What better to produce immediate change than chaos. The last four … Continue reading Chaos, Good News…

RetComLife # 6 – The Pathways of Life

One of the things I most enjoy about my new retirement community life is the 0.66 mile walking path around the perimeter of the property. It is a peaceful trek that I take twice a day, and sometimes even more. Before the pandemic, I would drive the 40-mile round trip to cruise a shopping mall once a week. Of course, that shut down last Spring, … Continue reading RetComLife # 6 – The Pathways of Life

RetComLife #4 -Maybe Even More Frustrating.

I am going to go out of sequence here on my RetComLife reports and talk about my anticipation of one of the most frustrating issues about this new lifestyle I have chosen. My wife and I were pretty much by ourselves for the last dozen years or so, things just seemed more peaceful then. Now that I am surrounded by dozens of people several times … Continue reading RetComLife #4 -Maybe Even More Frustrating.

Picture Saturday – Greekish Salad?

I know this is “Picture Saturday” but I do think this pictures kinda fits here. One thing about RetComLife (Retired Community Life) is that the food just doesn’t have much tang or spice. I miss that! Part of my adjusting here is what am I going to do to keep “spice in my life” figuratively and literally. 😎 I’m trying to figure that out now, … Continue reading Picture Saturday – Greekish Salad?