Pretending To Have All The Answers

Perhaps the thing that has turned me off the most to today’s version of organized religion is that each version is absolutely convinced that their truths are the only real ones. No matter how small or large the group is, they believe that the pieces of the Bible that they gleaned from the rest are the “true” messages from God.

As John Spong said above, no religion possesses the absolute truth. They should rather be about helping their members discover their own mysteries of God. I am on that particular journey, and it has indeed been one of discovery.

This is just another piece of insight coming from progressive Christianity that draws me to them. I hope that more and more young people understand that religions like white evangelicals are not the only way to Jesus or God. Each of us must find our own path, and we must certainly disregard all those who “Have All The Answers”. They simply quit looking WAY too soon.

4 thoughts on “Pretending To Have All The Answers

    1. Good morning Jackie. Yeah, my journey into the mysteries of Jesus will not end until I take my last breath. It is just impossible for any of us to have ALL the answers.


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