RetComLife #8 – It is a Puzzling Life

Yesterday on RetComLife #7 I told you one of the reasons I am staying here is because my new apartment is cozy. For this post, I will expand that thought with a puzzling situation.

I’ve told you here before, but I’m sure you have forgotten it, that I am now an avid picture puzzle worker. That is one of the things that my wife kinda forced on me. She had been working picture puzzles pretty much all our married life. She frequently worked 2,000-piece puzzles and sometimes even 5,000 piece ones. She would literally spend weeks working on one puzzle. I can’t remember how many times she tried to get me to do one. Eventually, I gave in to her simply because I was tired of her nagging. 😳

She started me off in a baby mode with a simple 500-piece puzzle. I had it worked within a day and almost immediately wanted to do another one. That puzzle six years ago started me into the puzzle world. Since then, I have worked about a hundred puzzles in the 500 – 1,000 piece variety. I have now become a snob in this venue because I only work Buffalo Games Puzzles from The “Master Painter of Americana” Charles Wysocki. Thank heavens, he was a prolific artist. I think I am almost through his entire repertoire, I don’t know where I will go next? I have worked most of my collection two or maybe three times.

Ok, I can hear you saying, “what does this have to do with Retirement Community Life? I will now get to that.

Yesterday’s picture of my cozy apartment showed you just flittering glimpse of my puzzle area. The picture here gives you the entire setup.

Everything here can be put away in a 1.5 x 3 foot covered corner for when I use the dining room table (which is seldom). The white snakes going through the picture are very flexible LED lamps I got from Amazon. They can be easily manipulated to shine on any area with the annoying reflections.

So, in my cozy 800 square foot apartment I have a dedicated computer/office area, a semi-permanent puzzling station, and a comfortable TV and nap area. Of course there is also a kitchen, bath and bedroom, but they are boring, so I won’t go into them.

To close out this post, I am becoming quite comfortable with my cozy retirement community apartment. It has everything I want. I think maybe I will stay here for that reason alone.

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