RetComLife #10 – Dining 🙁…

no, this isn’t my dining room

I can’t leave you with the idea that my RetComLife (retirement community life) is all positive for me. One of the areas that disappoints me is the dining room, including the menus and food preparation. That is what this post is all about.

I get a monthly $350 credit to the dining room as part of the rent of my apartment. Whatever I don’t use at the end of the month is forfeited. Being the penny pincher that I am, I initially thought I had to spend it all. I hated the idea of paying for something that I didn’t use. I have since changed my mind about that. I now eat about four meals per week in the dining room, and the rest I prepare for myself in my apartment or eat out. Of those four meals I do eat there, I usually enjoy maybe two of them. There are a few reasons why I am staying away from the dining room.

  • I love to cook. It’s in my blood. And, of course, I cook things I like and season them to my tastes.
  • The quality and particularly the preparation of the food here is presently erratic at best.
  • I haven’t yet found it comfortable to eat, and maybe more importantly, socialize among so many people. But that has nothing to do with this post, so I will drop it here.

Due to the pandemic and limited staff, many of the meals likely come from two gallon bags that are simply heated up and served. But, the “heated up” part seems to be sometimes missing, in that the food is frequently undercooked and no more than lukewarm when it gets to me. Sometimes the meals are superb, frequently they are not. I am hoping that once the staff get back to full employment and the supply chain is filled up, that these conditions will be ameliorated. But I’m not getting my hopes up just yet.

One thing that I’m pretty sure will remain the same is the seasoning. I find the food to be quite bland. It seems the only spice used is salt. This is likely because many of the older residents here probably prefer it that way, but it would be nice to have the option of properly “seasoned” food.

I haven’t given up on the meals served, and I am hoping that things improve in the coming weeks and months, or maybe with the replacement of the current chef?

When I moved here, I quickly gave up satellite TV. I am now on totally streaming, which is more of an ร  la carte type thing. That means that I no longer pay for all those expensive sporting events that I never watched. If I had my say, I would do likewise with my dining option. I would much rather pay for what I use rather than having it automatically added to my monthly rent. I think that just having to compete with other options would force some of the quality improvement needed.