About Emotions #1 – These Strange Feelings

Last week, when I finished up the series End Of Life Trauma, I told you that I would take a few weeks off before I settled on the next “Wednesday series”. I visited the last post of that series dozens of times during my usual editing process, but it was not until it was officially published a week ago that the obvious follow-up series came to the surface. That is what this post is about.

I think the logo I invented for this series, shown to the right, sums up the idea to be studied. Of course, it will be a personal journey. Is there any other kind here at RJsCorner? 😎

As I have said and shown in the last few posts, emotions are almost overwhelming me right now, much more than they ever have in my life. When my wife died 11 weeks ago, my world shifted dramatically. I am on my own for the first time in thirty-six years. I am overwhelmed with that reality and the emotions that follow it. I have just never in my life allowed my emotions to come so forcefully to the surface. The questions about what to do now, or how to deal with the emotions, just demand answers that I don’t currently have.

Getting to the root of it, I have always had problems with even the very concept of emotions. I have lived a very logic driven Spock-like life until now. I want to learn more about these strange new feelings, I am having to really understand them. I realize that I am presently going through a grieving process, which is also totally new to me. Do I dare to bring all this stuff up when I am in this emotional state? I don’t know, but I am going to try. RJsCorner is meant to be a learning tool for others to observe by glimpsing into my personal life. I realize that I am a pretty unique individual with some very unusual traits, but I kinda think all of us need a better understanding of emotions.

I don’t know right now where this series will take me? I am going to start off with a psychological study on the subject, and then go wherever else that leads. I feel that this is something that I will delve deeply into. I haven’t studied something at that level for quite some time. I think this is the proper subject to do just that.

Come back on Wednesdays going forward to see what I am thinking and experiencing about this brave new world of emotions and life changes.

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