I Don’t Do Tattoos…

This is going to be one of my “fun”/ off-the-wall posts, so hang in there.

Because tattoos are forever, and I don’t even know where I will be physically, mentally, or spiritually even a week from now, I just can’t commit any part of my body to house my feeling in permanent body ink.

If someone could tell me “You are at the apex of your life”, I would probably get a tattoo to celebrate that fact. I continue to grow in all three spheres (physically, mentally, and spiritually) even now, so I don’t think I have hit that high point even yet. Or maybe I am just not creative enough, or impulsive enough to realize it? I have enough trouble just committing to what images I will use on my daily blog posts.

I must admit that there are some tattoos I see that, I think, are beautiful and poignant. But, there are also too many that just seemed to be applied in a drunken stupor or just for their shock value. I always wonder when I see those types, how long it will be before a person regrets them.

I’m 75-years old now, so maybe my tattoo time is past, and I will go to my grave as a tattoo virgin. And, that’s ok with me. The worms don’t care one way or the other.

2 thoughts on “I Don’t Do Tattoos…

  1. You and I are on the same page bro. I have one that I claim as a tattoo. It is a permeant lead mark from where Denny Cannon strapped me i the left forearm in the 5th or 6th grade. You have to have very good eyes to see it but i proudly declare it as “my tattoo. GO FIGURE!


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