Emotions # 2 – I Think I Might Be Pregnant??

Before I get into the psychological aspects of this new series, I want to help you, and myself, to understand the depth of my troubles with emotions. That is what this post is about:

I have been having some pretty severe mood swings lately. I know for many that is caused by being pregnant. But, despite the title above, I really don’t think that is the case for me, since I am a 75-year-old white guy! But, it did get your attention, didn’t it? 😁 I kinda think this probably is part of the grieving process that I am currently going through due to the death of my wife of 36 years.

There is so much that brings me to tears recently, that kinda scares me. I have always shed a tear or two during sad endings of movies, but now even half-hour TV shows are bringing on a flood of tears. Everything seems to be flooding my senses now. Part of my Aspie traits elevates those times. I simply can’t stand the smell, let along the taste of mint. It overwhelms my senses. The problem is, now other things are having the same effect. I can’t tolerate bright lights now. My sense of taste is becoming troubling. I’m sure if I could hear, sounds would be troubling. Maybe I should be thankful that at least that is not a problem.

I hope I get through this period pretty soon, so I don’t wear out my tear ducts.

Although this new study will be general in nature, I hope that it helps me make sense of all these strange feeling.