Emotions # 2 – I Think I Might Be Pregnant??

Before I get into the psychological aspects of this new series, I want to help you, and myself, to understand the depth of my troubles with emotions. That is what this post is about:

I have been having some pretty severe mood swings lately. I know for many that is caused by being pregnant. But, despite the title above, I really don’t think that is the case for me, since I am a 75-year-old white guy! But, it did get your attention, didn’t it? 😁 I kinda think this probably is part of the grieving process that I am currently going through due to the death of my wife of 36 years.

There is so much that brings me to tears recently, that kinda scares me. I have always shed a tear or two during sad endings of movies, but now even half-hour TV shows are bringing on a flood of tears. Everything seems to be flooding my senses now. Part of my Aspie traits elevates those times. I simply can’t stand the smell, let along the taste of mint. It overwhelms my senses. The problem is, now other things are having the same effect. I can’t tolerate bright lights now. My sense of taste is becoming troubling. I’m sure if I could hear, sounds would be troubling. Maybe I should be thankful that at least that is not a problem.

I hope I get through this period pretty soon, so I don’t wear out my tear ducts.

Although this new study will be general in nature, I hope that it helps me make sense of all these strange feeling.

2 thoughts on “Emotions # 2 – I Think I Might Be Pregnant??

  1. It’s okay to cry. Stress, grief and change causes physical reactions in all of us. Don’t try to stop the crying because it will come back later, maybe even worse. Hang in there.


    1. Thanks for the concerns, Summer. Many things are setting me off, but I’m pretty sure it is the grief. It has come later than I thought. More on that in next week’s post.


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