The Secret Of Life…

I have always been enthralled about the Michelangelo’s painting on the ceiling chapel of God touching man. If God is the omnipotent being with all the wisdom of the universe, then just to touch his finger would probably make me the smartest person in the world.

I’ve been struggling the last few months to try to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life, no matter how long it is. I have always been a dreamer and constantly think about my future. I know my future is much shorter than it was ten/twenty/thirty years ago, but I continue to dream about it.

The problem is that while I am dreaming, the future is moving into the past. I am dreaming away my future with dreams. I have finally come to the conclusion that dreamers are losers if they never work to realize at least some of those dreams. That, after so many years, is definitely a revelation for me.

Dreamers are losers unless they put those dreams into action

All these years, I have always considered myself positively because I was a dreamer. It never occurred to me that all that dreaming was basically consuming the very future that I “hoped” to accomplish.

How’s that for a secret of life? 😃

Quit Dreaming — Start Doing

Or maybe

Dream Less — Do More

Why haven’t I thought of that before??

2 thoughts on “The Secret Of Life…

  1. With your permission and full attribution, I would like to use “the future is moving into the past. I am dreaming away my future with dreams” as the basis of a post of mine at some point.

    That is one of the best summaries I have read of the challenge we face as we age. The proverbial clock is ticking. The time for doing is short. Your “discovery” is absolutely crucial for all of us.


    1. Of course, you have my permission, Bob. I keep all my posts to 500 words or less, so I do a lot of condensing (only I call it editing).😎

      I do a lot of “Leaves of Grass” too. Walt Whitman, who wrote that book, kept editing it for years after it was published. I just changed a 2017 post this morning.


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