Fake Photos & Edward G Robinson…

I am starting to lose interest in what was once my major hobby. I kind of pride myself in taking well composed photographs of many of the historic sites I have visited. Sometimes I have taken ten minutes to figure out just how to take the photo. I thought surely that photography would be a major part of my retirement life. Well, that thought has been poisoned by technology. Yeah, like everything else, technology has both a good and a dark side.

It is no longer about composition or lighting. All that can be faked with “apps” now. The sun wasn’t in the right spot, well, just move it. The colors weren’t quite bright enough, there are now hundreds of ways to eliminate that and many other problems. Even sun beams are easily added.

That brings up the title of this post.

I still remember the scene in the 1973 movie “Soylent Green” where Edward G Robinson was laying on a bed with silk sheets looking at pictures of what the world looked like in the good-old-days before everything fell apart. That was part of the process of bringing in old people to be turned into food (Soylent Green) for every one else to eat! I know that is a spoiler for the movie but since it is almost 50 years old, I don’t suspect it is the first time. 😎

Getting back to the movie, all the pictures on the large screens in the death room were anything but life like. Every time I look at all the “enhanced” photos that are strewn across the web now, I think of those scenes. It seems that nothing in the photography area is real anymore. Everything is enhanced. That is kind of turning me off to my photography hobby.

It’s kind of like what Facebook does for so much of social life. All you see there, are smiling faces of people having fun at this or that party. The other 99% of life is just never depicted there.

To close out this post, I am not dropping my interest in photography entirely, but it is taking a back burner in my life now. Saturdays, here at RJsCorner, used to be dedicated to my photo portfolio, but I kinda think now it will be used for other things as well going forward.

2 thoughts on “Fake Photos & Edward G Robinson…

  1. I absolutely agree that pure photography is hard to find nowadays. Although I admire the skill some photographers have in manipulating/editing their photos, most do not. Now with editing aps so easy to load onto your phone or tablet, everyone can be an “artist” (sadly, not). Don’t give up your photography. Just because some overdo it, you can keep true to yourself.


    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Janis. No, I am not giving up, but just not as enthusiastic as I used to be. But then again, I am tired of carrying around a 5 lb camera when my iPhone seems to take as good a picture. 🥸


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