RetComLife # 13 – It’s Not About Where

By almost all counts, I have been happy living in my retirement community home for the last three months. It has the things that make my life easier. The staff here is extraordinary. I love my cozy apartment, it fits me like a glove. My favorite part might be the walking path. That 0.66 mile route has resulted in a healthier lifestyle. There is a lot here to make me happy. I just need to finally accept that fact.

Currently, I seem to be fixating on a couple of negatives, or maybe a better word than fixated is procrastinating about them. The major one is food in the dining room. They have now shut down the evening meal for the dining room. All dinner meals, if you even want them, are delivered to your apartment, or picked up. One reason for that is that they simply can’t find adequate waiter staff to offer sit down meals right now. The food itself continues to be troublesome, partly due to the erratic supply chain. The bland food, due to no seasoning, is something ingrained in the current system and can’t really be changed without a significant shift in how meals are prepared and served. I will have more to say about that in some near future posts

For the above reasons, I have decided to basically forget the $350/month I am currently paying for the dining room services. I now just consider it a donation for those who don’t have another option. That decision allows me to cook my own food, I definitely get pleasure out of that, and the food tastes great. Cooking for one is not as enjoyable as for two when my wife was alive, or for 60 when I cooked in the soup kitchen, but I still get much satisfaction out of it. 😎

Retirement Community Living is not all pro’s, but then again, nothing in life is. I am finding that having a satisfying retirement is about balancing out the pluses and the minuses. I also have to recognize that my social interaction problems have nothing to do with where I live. I will have that regardless of where my abode is.

So, I have decided I will quit focusing on the negatives, and make a commitment to making a happy life here in my new community.

This is where I belong, this is where I commit to live.

Now, it is on addressing the challenges that this decision entails. One of the most critical things on that list is how do I fit in? I will be addressing that in a near future post…