About Emotions #8 – Summing It Up

The strongest emotion that I think I have is empathy for those, like me, who have faced some pretty serious struggles through life. That, and my lack of a sense of accomplishment in this emotions series, is what this post is all about. Happily it ends with a possible step forward in this general arena.

Adversity Builds Character

So, I ought to have a lot of character? But, I realize that others have faced much more severe adversity than I. Then there is the other side of the issue, and that is those who have gone through life without any serious challenges. I pity them for their naïveté about life.

I am always trying to understand why people who struggle with adversity react the way they do, and understanding “my” reactions is the first step in that process. I know my Aspie traits drive a lot of how I react to different situations and, of course, my deafness magnifies that process. This study of emotions was supposed to help me in that understanding but has been a bust. It did help me in some minor ways to understand emotions, but the lessons were peripheral at best. Plainly speaking, I was disappointed.

Despite this disappointment, I have come to realize that for most of my life, my emotions have been happiness killers. I just seem to migrate to the troublesome issues and lose focus on positive sides of life. I am determined to change that going forward.

The most important thing I learned from this series

The Emotions Wheel was an interesting discovery. It will help me to quantify my emotions so that I can understand the source of them a little better. There are many versions of this wheel, but the one I have chosen to use is from the Junto Institute. I bought some of these wheels to use going forward. The Junto Institute is mainly about professional development for corporate leaders, but I find the wheel equally valuable for my coming study about happiness and why I can’t up till now seem to find happiness it in my life.

I love the instructions on the back of the wheel.

Click on the image to see a larger version
  1. Think about how you are feeling now
  2. Select one or more of the six core emotions on the inner section of the wheel
  3. From there, follow the color wedges and look for related word in the middle section on how you are feeling.
  4. Choose the words to accurately reflect you…
  5. Think about why you are feeling those emotions…
  6. …use the wheel at different times of the day…

The wheel is about getting in touch with your feelings so that you can target them in a constructive way.

I think I will be using this wheel frequently on the new series replacing this one, that is entitled “Pursuit of Happiness”. That will start here next week. In fact, the wheel will be the topic of the first post in this new series.