I Am An Acquired Taste

Like a good aged wine, I am an acquired taste. The first view of RJsCorner might taste a little strong or bitter, but if you stick around, you just might learn to enjoy what you see here.

I know I cover a WIDE variety of topics, whereas most high-volume blogs limit themselves to just one or two. I just can’t do that, as my brain is typically pondering dozens of different thoughts at the same time. That usually keeps me up at night, but I think that makes for some interesting posts.

One thing that should be valuable to you is that most of my posts are 500 words or less. So, I’m not taking up much of your time each day. That is, unless you are a slow reader. 🤪

To some RJsCorner probably seems like utter chaos. I will admit that there is some truth to that, but that keeps life interesting and as the movie Tron says, “Chaos, Good News“. I don’t consider it to be utter-chaos, but instead organized-chaos.

Like good wine, I am an acquired taste, so I attract discriminate readers like you.

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