Life On The Margins – It’s not just about adversity…

I’ve been posting too much about adversity being on the margins. It’s time I started looking at the positive stuff that puts us there. Yes, I am on the spectrum, but even that has a lot of good stuff about it. My absurd focus allowed me to be a valued member of a 300+ person engineering team. I contributed things that neurotypicals could likely never have accomplished. That alone saved millions of bucks to the corporation, but it also made life better for the total team. That was a good thing.

If you are a creative artist, you are also on the margins. Most of us had that type of creativity drilled out of us as children. You kept it and make the world a better place. We margin livers tend to do that. Read a good book lately? It was most likely by a person living on the margins, at least until they become famous.🥴

To me, mainstream living is BORING. Going along with whatever the majority think or do is so contrary to my being, I can’t imagine ever residing there. I image many of you who will read this post think the same. It seems that I end, at least in my brain, almost every sentence or thought with the word “But”. I am always looking for a different way of seeing the world.

Let’s make a list of all those who live on the margins:

  • Artists
  • Innovators
  • People on the Spectrum
  • Creative people
  • Prognosticators
  • Hippies (I had to add that one)
  • Change makers
  • Free thinkers
  • Dissenters

Not a bad group to be in, if you ask me…

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