Getting Shoved In To The Background…

For those of us who live on the margins of life, getting shoved to the background is almost a daily thing. I really don’t have any recollection of ever belonging to the mainstream in any area of my life. But, unlike me, getting shoved in to the background is a harrowing experience for many who reside mostly in the mainstream.

Every generation, as they age out of existence, is shoved into the background. We Baby Boomers are on the way out, but it did kind of surprised that Millennials are already being shown the exit door by Gen-Z’s.

When we are all teenagers, we are convinced that we knew more than our parents. After all, they grew up without all the stuff we have today. So, why should you pay any attention to what I tell you here on RJsCorner? How could my experiences help you? I didn’t even have a calculator until I was almost out of college. How could any advice I give you be relevant to today? Let’s face it, wisdom is only valued when you realize you need it, and many today are convinced that they know everything. Even more than the scientists who spend their lives studying a specific topic like viruses.

The front end of the Gen-Z herd are twenty-three-year olds, they haven’t reached the point of any significant wisdom yet. But then again more changes have probably occurred in the last twenty years of my life than probably in the first 55. But, wisdom does not depend on technology. I think Aristotle has valuable things to teach me even after a couple of millennia. But, I didn’t think so until I became wise enough to realize that fact. I guess this is just another catch-22 on life, isn’t it?

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