Life’s Rules #1 – Prepare To Learn

This is a new Special Series here at RJsCorner. It will be ten posts long and cover the things on the poster to the right..

Life’s Rules is about “being” a good person and a world citizen and caretaker. It is about respecting others, even if they don’t return the favor. I don’t recall where I originally came across this poster, but I quickly purchased it, and it has been on my wall for a few months now. It is intended to be used in middle-school classrooms and is entitled Class Rules, but I kinda think it applies way beyond that, so I modified its title slightly.

Here I am in my 76th year and proud to say that I still prepare to learn every day. When you stop learning, you stop growing and living. Despite the ones who tried to shut down the U.S. Patent Office more than a hundred years ago because they thought everything had been invented, there is no one on this earth who has ever learned all there is to know. 😎

If I (we) could say I have accomplished everything on this list, I could proclaim my life to be full, and I that am fully living by the teachings of Jesus.

Ok, now with all this preliminary stuff out of the way, let’s get started with the first thing on the list.

Rule #1: Prepare To Learn

If you have ever looked at the header of this blog, you will see that the top three principles of it are

  • Think For Yourself
  • Question Everything
  • Never Stop Learning

I look at those words every day and “Prepare To Learn”. I have been doing that for so long that it now comes naturally to me. Preparing to learn is a simple thought but is a multi-faceted thing.

Preparing to learn is:

  • To be opened to things that you might not currently agree with. Changing your mind is what learning is all about.
  • About critical thinking. Using facts, not fallacy to gain understanding.
  • About admitting that you got something wrong, and then doing something about it.
  • Is a daily mindset.

Every day is a new day in the classroom of life. Never stop growing or learning.

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