What Makes You Think…

What makes you think that you are not a figment of my imagination??

RJ Walters

I have been reading a lot of philosophy stuff lately, and have come to the conclusion that all of this nasty stuff going on today is just a figment of my imagination. None of it really exists, except in my mind. One of my favorite subjects in high school was geometry. My mind just seemed to think in those terms. I was unaware that Rene Descartes, who was a 16th century philosopher, invented one form of geometry. He also invented the phrase shown with his picture here. That kind of deep thought that really doesn’t pertain to the subject of this post, but it came to mind after my quote above.

Maybe all my readers out there are just a figment of my mind. Maybe you don’t exist? Maybe I don’t exist? I gotta lay off all this philosophy stuff for a while, or it will drive me crazy like the rest of those guys.😎

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