I Can See How It Is Easy to Become Obsessed

I have been doing a LOT of reading about autism, particularly Aspergers, lately. Thanks to the Medium.com, when I searched for the word “Autism” I got thousands of stories. They kept coming and coming for days at a time. It got to the point that autism stories were the only thing I got when I clicked on The Medium link! I must admit, I read and bookmarked a lot of them for possible future posts here, but enough is enough!

I know I go against general advice from the experts who say a blog should concentrate on one thing. But, since RJsCorner is proudly a daily journal of my thoughts, I ignore that advice. I am just not a single focused type guy. Never have been, never will be. I kinda think there is space in the cyberworld for multi-talented people to “have their say” about life in general.

Getting back to the topic of obsession, Given the number of articles I have read, I could easily put out hundreds of posts on autism. I could become obsessed with the topic. Obsession is like addiction, it can destroy a person who falls into it.

I personally know some people who have Fox News running on their TVs many hours a day. For them, that is their only news source. So, it is easy to see how their world has become so obsessed about an extreme narcissist who wants the world to adore him.

Obsession is a dangerous thing in weak minds.

2 thoughts on “I Can See How It Is Easy to Become Obsessed

  1. It is YOUR blog, RJ. Write whatever you want, whenever you want. If people object, they can choose not to read. For the record, I very much enjoy your pithy observations – keep them coming 👍👍👍


    1. Hi Daryl, I’ve never thought of myself as pithy, but it does kind of fit. 😎 But you are right, I should get over the idea that I need to make constant changes to what I talk about. I promised as a New Year’s resolution to concentrate more on autism and adversity, but I just can’t seem to do that.

      Thanks for reminding me that I can write about whatever I want. Maybe instead of expanding, I need to be simplifying and just not worry about the flow of topics. I doubt if anyone really realizes the “flow” anyway. 😁

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