Some Day, You Are Going To Wake Up And…

Some day, you are going to wake up and realize you’re too old to have any real fun.

One of the downsides of being a dreamer almost all of my life is that I spent too much time dreaming and not enough doing. I rationalize that happened due to circumstances, but in some ways that is a cop-out. It was really more of a matter of choice. Dreaming is just much easier than doing.

Regardless of how it happened, I am approaching that “some day” in the quote above. I have always dreamed of taking off and going around the country in my self-styled micro-RV (µRV). I have taken numerous one and two day trips, but going longer has never been in the cards. My wife’s decade long illness prevented me from staying away from home more than a day or two.

Now that she has passed, the opportunity to just “take off” is a possibility, but I’m afraid that age-related things might still shorten the dream. I do plan a trip in early May to test this assumption. Unfortunately, before my wife’s extended illness, I have spent too much of my life worrying about possible consequences of actions I might take. Many dreams were muted because of that. I won’t allow that to happen now. Reality is the only thing that will prevent me from venturing ahead this year.

I know the COVID stuff won’t likely disappear by then, but I will work around those restrictions. I drastically need some “fun” right now before it is too late.

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