Piling On…

With this post, I am going to point some blame for our current problems, back to those who are shouting the loudest for change. I am one of them. We see everyone else trying to get attention for their issues, so we think we should too. The trouble with all this piling on is that it is cumulative and making too many people extremely nervous.

At least for now, some of us need to get over the idea that our particular struggles are somehow more urgent than others. Yes, I have some pretty strong Aspie traits that have troubled me throughout my life, but I need to realize that EVERYONE struggles with something or another. I am simply not unique to having problems in my life.

In some ways because we are all clamoring for attention, we are actually part of the problem. We are pushing fearful people over the edge and into irrational stupidity as a relief to their obsessive worries.

Some particular issues currently at the forefront are hurting the possibility of any reconciliation with those fearful. “Defund The Police” is definitely one of them. I don’t think anyone who is in his right mind would have come up such a slogan. Literally defunding the police would result in mass chaos and unlawfulness. Surely, everyone knows this? Whoever invented this term did more harm than any possible good. Yes, reform is necessary, but defunding is not the way to accomplish that.

I kinda see a similar problem with what President Biden is trying to do today. He wants to solve every inequity NOW, instead of working on one piece at a time. I know from personal experiences, that he sees the light at the end of the life tunnel and thinks short term but he is not getting the victories he could because he is painting with too broad a brush. That makes too many people nervous, and when you add them to the group who are fixated on their own stupidity in backing a narcissist as their hero, it makes for a pretty formidable group of antagonizers. It leads some people to the belief that one party is as bad as the other. I think these actions are just considered more unnecessary piling on.

We all seem to be piling-on with our “demands”, when maybe we should be a little more patient with getting every need fulfilled.

One thought on “Piling On…

  1. I agree. While it might have been advisable to reallocate funds to provide for community outreach, for example, defunding the police had to be one of the worst slogans or ideas ever.


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