Walking Through The Valley Of Death…

My father was one of those people who just didn’t want to think about death. He would almost leave the room whenever that topic came up. He was two years older than I am now when his end came. He just didn’t like the idea of walking through the valley of death.

I, on the other hand am thoroughly attuned to these times being my final years here on earth. In some ways, that acknowledgement is freeing rather than fearful. It allows me to throw off the shackles and bonds that hang on to us for most of our lives. We are at the point in our lives that what we do pretty much only affects us and no one else. We don’t have to worry about what others might think of our actions or thoughts.

When I recently reformatted RJsCorner more around a daily journal of having my say, I added the phrase “Living freestyle through the downhill side of life” to reflect the thoughts above.

I guess the crux of it is that you are born to live, and then you die. What happens in between is filler. Hopefully good filler, but filler. Yes, I am now in the downhill side of my life. There is much more behind me than there is going forward. Why not make the most of that thought, instead of refusing to accept that the bottom of this downhill side is the valley of death. Accept that and make the most of what is left in your life. Don’t waste your time dreading the end.

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