I Have Adopted A Town

I have to warn you up front that his post is kinda surreal, so hang on. If the title above doesn’t show you that this post is bizarre then let me tell you it is a fictional town full of fictional people. Why would I want to adopt a town? That is what this post is all about.

Before I get into the main topic of this post, I want to tell you that I frequently invent dream worlds because the real world has just never fit me very well. I dream that there must be a world where I do not have to struggle to figure it out. Where I can live in harmony with others. I invent dream worlds, but I still live fully in the one that actually exists. Now, on to my adopted world.

If you have been here before you know that I proclaim, some say proudly, that I have Aspie traits. Among other things that means I just don’t do, or even understand most social situations. Over the years I have kind of learned what social situations are supposed to be like, but learning and doing are two entirely different situations.

I know you are probably tired of hearing how much I like the New Zealand show 800 Words on the AcornTV streaming channel, but that is the town that I have adopted as my own. I promise that this is the last post I will talk about it for at least a little while.

The town I have adopted is Weld, New Zealand. It only exists in the minds of the writers, but that is ok. If it were real, I would likely plan a trip there. But really the TV show is what I am adopting.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, most social situations just fly by me before I get a chance to understand them. Thanks to streaming and the ability to pause and rerun any scenes, I can now kinda get more from typical human interactions. I have now watched the series twice, and I am getting more familiar with all the characters and the nuances of their lives. If I think something important might have happened that I missed, there is always the rewind button to help me discover it. If only life had a rewind button, maybe I could fit in better. 🥴 That would at least give me a second chance to get it right.

I can only pray that future seasons will happen. I would generously pay to be able to watch them. Those guys are now my second family and I really want to know how they are doing.

I hope you guys don’t think any less of me because I am letting my perhaps weirdest side show more? 🥸

4 thoughts on “I Have Adopted A Town

  1. I’ve had my share of awkward social moments where I just didn’t get it . I’m an introvert (and happily so) and found things others thought normal to be perplexing. Oh to adopt a town ___ mine would be Three Pines Canada from Louise Penny’s Gamache series! This world is so crazy at times …


    1. Hi Michelle. I think I can only handle one adoption at a time, but if I could do more it would likely be “Green Cables” of Ann Shirley on Prince Edward Island. I have watched most of the movies and even visited the house on PEI in 2011. I intend to go back again this year.

      I like the old saying that “Being lonely is being alone and not wanting to be” Like you, I enjoy my own company. We seem to have numerous common experiences between us. 😉


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