Absence Makes The Mind Grow Fonder…

 The phrase above was first published in 1602 as the first line of an anonymous poem in Francis Davison’s anthology Poetical Rhapsody. I don’t remember the first time I heard that phrase, but I have come to realize that, at least for me, it is very true.

My wife died about eight months ago, but I still think a lot about her. I will admit that the last decade of our marriage was not as pleasant as it could have been. I was primarily in the caretaker mode with a person who just seemed repeatedly to ignore her own health. Toward the end we were pretty much just in the “coexist” mode. I will even admit that there were times when I considered breaking my “till death do us part” promise.

A decade in the caretaker mode just grinded on me. I selfishly saw my senior years and dreams being taken from me. That fact made me more resentful that I care to admit. I am certainly glad that I was able to stick it out.

As these 8 months have progressed since she passed, I have been able to purge many of those negative thoughts from my mind, and concentrate on the happy times in our 36-year life together. She was a special person who was able to put up with my peculiarities. Yes, we had our bad times, but I want to forget them and think just of the good ones.

I don’t, even in my wildest dreams, think there will be anyone else to share my life as I did with Yvonne. So, I will cling to all the good times we had and try to forget all the conflicts and troubles we caused each other.

Absence does make the mind grow fonder…

I miss you so much…

2 thoughts on “Absence Makes The Mind Grow Fonder…

  1. Open and vulnerable. Thank you for having the courage to share a time that left you wounded but still committed, angry but still loving. Peace for you and Yvonne.

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    1. Thanks for the compliment, Bob. I just feel that if I can help just one person with my posts to understand that all relationships have dark spots. Since we are dealing with two imperfect individuals, and we definitely were in this case, no relationship is perfect.

      I love the way you can so effectively condense a few hundred words down to one sentence.


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