Why A Roadtrip??

Flaming Gorge, Wyoming

Most who come here regularly know that I am about to embark on a road trip that has been on my agenda for 60 years. I have taken many road trips in my life, but this will be the longest one I have taken. Why am I so fixated on roadtrips when going by plane takes much less time to reach a destination? I traveled quite extensively by air in my corporate life, but have not been on an airplane in the 22 years since.

Here are some of the reason why I prefer road trip to air travel:

  • Most of my pleasure trips are not so much about a destination but about the trip itself. Taking a roadtrip allows freedom of spontaneity. To stop wherever or whenever I want. By focusing on the journey rather than the destination teaches us to live in the moment. Every trip will be full of different experiences that can change your perspective on life.
  • A roadtrip can be a catalyst for growth. You will be exposed to different people, cultures, and ways of living daily life. When I do road trips I try to stay away from the national chains, and hunt down the local places that have almost full parking lots. It is in this way that you experience different cuisines.
  • You will experience different landscapes if you look with “new eyes”. If you pay attention you will discover how quickly landscape changes, and how dramatic that can be.
  • Successful roadtrips force you to be open-minded, to be an observer of life, to let go and simply life
  • Roadtrips can increase your creativity. They immediately force you out of your comfort zone, allowing for growth and new adventures. They get you out of your old, often boring, routines. You are forced to live in the moment.

Who would want to take a boring, crowded, uncomfortable airplane instead of a peaceful, live-in-the-moment roadtrip?

I will soon be giving you some personal lessons learned, and advice I have found in books, about the how-to of making the most from your roadtrips.

4 thoughts on “Why A Roadtrip??

  1. Flying somewhere means your adventure or exploration doesn’t start until you land. In comparison, the moment you begin a road trip the newness starts. Your routine is altered. What you eat, where you stop, what you see, and where you sleep are all part of the experience.

    Flying is like skipping a fine meal and settling for the coffee at the end. A road trip is a multi-course meal that lasts as long as you choose to make it.

    More power to you, RJ.


    1. Words well said. I have had a lots of mini-adventures, but this is the first full-scale one. Maybe a month or more.

      I will be down in your neck of the woods, so maybe I will drop in for a quick visit?


  2. There was a tv series in the late 60’s called “Then came Bronson” starring Michael Parks. The opening scene is at rush hour as he pulls up next to a commuter on his motorcycle. The commuter asks him, taking a trip? He says yes. Where to? ” Wherever I end up I guess. ” That’s my kind of trip. You can find it on Youtube. Enjoy the road RJ!


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