RetComLife#33 – I Am Tired Of …

Here I am sitting at my keyboard again, when I should be having dinner. Let me explain a little more.

Some of you know that I have Aspie traits that make social situations uncomfortable. For that reason, I usually go to dinner here in my retirement community during the last fifteen minutes of the meal hour. I go down then because there is usually a table or two free. Since they quit the cafe service in March, I am back to using well less than half of the $350 meal allocation. It seems that about half the time I go down to eat there is no table available, or it is still filled with the dirty dishes of the last sitting. I am just tired of looking at someone else’s leftovers and spills on the table waiting for it to be cleaned and my order taken.

They have a sign as shown above about limiting the available tables due to a staff shortage. That is beginning to wear thin on me. I am just tired of excuses that prevent me from getting things that I have paid for! I have voiced my complaints but nothing seems to be done. I know I am an unusual person in my community. Probably a minority of one, so I kind of understand, but that doesn’t make it any less irritating to miss a meal.

I should probably wait awhile, but I am going to put this post out tomorrow (which is today for you). My end years just seem to be filled with restrictions of one form or another. We are entering year three of Covid, and I am just hanging on that I will be able to take my trip in about three weeks. I have pretty much decided to take it regardless of the next version of Covid. If I get sick, so be it. It is better than sitting here languishing in my apartment. I am tired of waiting for an end of these stresses to come. They that might not come before my end comes.

I am just tired of all the excuses….

6 thoughts on “RetComLife#33 – I Am Tired Of …

  1. I recommend that you use some of your time on the road next month looking for a new rental retirement community.


    1. As a matter of fact, Rick, that is already in the works. I will have more to say about that in next Friday’s post. My original pick was a place in Santa Fe. I found it on the internet and managed to unofficially visit during a 2015 trip. I will also be in Florida and Arizona so will be on the lookout there too.


  2. Seems as if you really do need a break as well as time and space to reflect on your choices. As we move through this third year, many of us are making decisions about what risks we’re willing to take and what restrictions we’re willing to endure. Our ultimate choices will likely vary.


  3. Hi RJ, Thanks for sharing your frustrations with us. There’s a big world out there on the road waiting for you to discover. I am re-energized riding on the road (on my motorcycle) every time I’m out. I rode on a two lane country road yesterday past vineyards, working farms and the historic barns you always see and yes, most ones are still painted red. The day was perfect. Clear blue skies and you could feel the warmth of the sun and smell the fresh spring scent of things coming alive. So, take that trip and relish every moment. It will make this life we’re living so meaningful even going into this time of post Covid. Take care, Russ in Oregon


    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Russ. I haven’t ridden a motorcycle since one road me in my high school years, but I do have my self-made micro-RV that I love roadtripping in. It’s only 40 sq ft, but it fits me very well. I am anxiously looking forward to the experiences of May. I don’t have a specific route planned but do want to make 2-lane roads a part of it.


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