RetComLife#35 – Outside My Comfort Zone

I have decided to use the upcoming lifetime roadtrip to move out of my comfort zone and look for alternative areas of the country for my retirement community life. Except for four years in New Jersey, and a few months in Guadalajara Mexico, I have spent my life in Indiana, but I have almost no roots here anymore, so maybe it is time to get out of my comfort zone and see what exists outside this very partisan “red” State?

Living in a retirement home for almost a year now, I know the “right” questions to ask. I do this with, among other things, the hope of finding a close friend for the remaining years of my life. Given my Aspie traits, I have had only a few of those types of friends, so maybe this is just wishful thinking, but that dream is still worth pursuing.

One wise decision I made almost a year ago, actually quite accidentally, was to join a community that didn’t require a massive up front buy-in. Many require a six-figure deposit. I must remember to make that one of the first questions I ask when visiting potential new communities on my coming trip. I can now approach this possible relocation with much more insight than I did the first time around. šŸ˜Ž In the process I may just find a happier life for my remaining years.

2 thoughts on “RetComLife#35 – Outside My Comfort Zone

    1. Thanks for your encouragement, Linda. I do like most things about where I am at now, but it doesn’t hurt to search out for something better. I have suggestions for about a half dozen different Ret Coms while on the trip.


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