Slave To Electronics

It is a right of passing that all the older generation complain about the habits of younger ones. When I was a kid, after TV was invented, older people complained that TVs were going to rot their kids brains. Then came Rock-And Roll music. Elvis with all his gyrating hips were poisoning adolescence. It would be a few decades before they decried the same thing about the Internet with Facebook and all the other social media sights. Finally, cell phones kidnapped young people’s brains. I don’t know what is going to come next, but I’m sure older generations will panic about it.

I am here to tell all you younger generations that not all old folks are like that. I am currently in my 76th year, and I am different. You can complain about some old folks, but never think that all of us are that way. In fact, I am likely more attuned to all those things than you are. Let me give you some examples.

I am an Apple guy to my core. I have been since I got my first Mac over thirty years ago.

I currently have

  • 2 Macbooks
  • 1 27″iMac
  • 3 iPads
  • 3 iPhones
  • 2 Apple watches
  • 2 Apple TV units
  • 1 Mac Mini
  • More Apple accessories than I can even count

Of course, many of these units are replacements for outdated versions. About half of them are in storage. My day-to-day desktop configuration consists of a Macbook Pro, two 24″ monitors, a Magic keyboard, a Magic trackpad, and a Magic mouse, along with two 3Tb external drives.

Now that I am in the full retirement mode, I spend 4 -6 hours a day in front of my computer. You didn’t think all those 5,100 posts here just appeared out of thin air.

  • I get up in the morning to my Apple Watch Series 6
  • and spend an hour or so browsing the daily news on my MacBook.
  • Four times a day Siri tells me it is time for my pills (yeah I do take a couple dozen pills daily).
  • Four or five times a day Siri tells me to breathe, so I stop to do the mandatory 7 deep breaths.
  • After two hours of keyboard work, she tells me to get up and stretch my legs. She is quite insistent about that.
  • A couple of times a day she tells me it’s time go to the community dining room to eat.
  • Whenever I pick up my iPhone 13, my watch taps me to tell me it has unlocked it.
  • Since I am an old person whose short-term memory is not what it used to be, Siri reminds me when I have a pot on the burner, and many other similar things.
  • In the evening, she reminds me that it is getting close to my bedtime.

So, either I am a weird old person or still a kid. I’m not sure which. But, I am not the typical old person that so many of you younger people think we all are.

Enough said…

2 thoughts on “Slave To Electronics

  1. You’re no more weird than I am, and I’ll be 73 in a few weeks time 🙂

    I purchased my first desktop computer (an Amstrad PCW 256 running CP/M+) way back in 1986 on which I learnt to program in machine code and using a fully relational database. I purchased my first and only new PC compatible machine around 1989/1990. I never caught the Apple bug having discovered Linux in the early 2000s and have been exclusively Linux since around 2006, if my memory serves me correctly. Besides, Apple products are too expensive here. Usually, I bought components and built my own machines, but these days I tend to purchase refurbished high end office computers – more bang for bucks 🙂

    My line of work required me to carry a mobile phone from about 1994, which I grew to loathe as it was accompanied by a change in my terms of employment that required I be on call 24/7. In fact that requirement affected my health so much that I had to quit full time work at the age of 50. and I swore I’d never have a mobile phone again. That promise lasted until around 2008, when hemiplegic migraines became part of my life. The family insisted I carry one.

    But I do admit I’ve never accumulated so many (useable) devices at any one time. Sure the basement has a collection of PC carcases scavanged for parts, but currently I have one linux desktop machine (with 2 x 23″ monitors), one 17″ laptop, both linux based, one 6.5″ android phone, and one headless server (also Linux based). I did have android tablets for a while, but being the clumsy person I am, they seldom lasted more than a year if I was lucky.

    The Wife also has a Linux based desktop and laptop (she didn’t have a choice when it came to choosing the OS) and an android phone. She spends more time online than I do (6 hrs+), being an avid, Facebook, pinterest and Youtube user.


    1. Thanks for your experiences, Barry. Yes, we have much in common in this, and other regards. My first computer was a TRS-80 in 1978. I spent hours and hours learning to program it.

      I am an Apple guy because, after experiencing both them and Windows stuff I saw, and continue to see Apple products as superior. They are more expensive, but you do get what you pay for in this regard.

      I never learned Linux, but did learn “C”, 8080 machine language, MS Access, and of course, Basic, and now html.

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