On-The-Road #3 – Day 7 – Just Have Fun…

I have been taking this month-long vacation much too seriously. It’s as if I expect it to solve all my life’s problems. With these kinds of expectations, how can it be anything but a disappointment? I know that I overthink everything and this is no exception.

I have seen a couple of retirement communities now, but nothing that would lure me away from my current Midwest home. Even at this time of year, Florida is just too hot for me, and it seems from reading the local papers it is much too “Red” for my political comfort. The Southwest, where I am going next is presently consumed by forest fires, that also seems like a continuous thing lately. The Midwest, or at least the more progressive college town where I am currently living is more to my liking. The winters have been very mild lately so that is a good thing. Maybe I will get over “the grass is always greener syndrome”, and just decide to stay. Who knows at this point?

I am not giving up hope, and will continue to search for a different living option on this trip, but my expectations are lower now. But, maybe something will surprise me? I have now pretty much decided to just have fun for the rest of this trip. I don’t know exactly what fun looks like just now, but I will know it when I see it. 🥸

In a day or two, I will be headed across the State of Texas. I have no specific agenda, other than to take in the sites, whatever they might be. And then on to Santa Fe for a final revisit there.

My just completed visit with my older brother went well. I can’t believe the things that he remembers about our childhood before we were separated sixty-five years ago. It is impossible to really get to know him after all these years, but it was enjoyable trying to accomplish that. We are both very different people than we were, and that is to be expected. I don’t imagine we will physically see each other again, but since he is a regular viewer here we will at least stay in contact that way.

Looking out my brother’s back window

I am getting back on the road this morning after I visit the Dali Museum here. I am an avant-garde person, so I look forward to that. After that, I will be traveling across the upper panhandle, Louisiana and then later this week the long trek across Texas. While getting to my brother’s place I was in the travel mode. Now, I will shift into the tourist mode as I have not been to this part of the country before. I have vowed to get out of my comfort zone during this trip, and my days in Texas will definitely challenge that. I am determined to keep an open mind about the coming week or so. Maybe I will be pleasantly surprised!

4 thoughts on “On-The-Road #3 – Day 7 – Just Have Fun…

  1. If the heat in Florida got to you, welcome to the furnace that is Phoenix in the summer. Yesterday was 105. Though the humidity is very low, that is still toasty.

    Enjoy your ‘tourist” side as your inner John Steinbeck drives on.


    1. But it is a dry heat Bob 😎. It’s muggy here. Drove along the Gulf coast on the FL panhandle yesterday. That was very different for me. Enjoyed the views but I am really not much of a water person.

      I will be in your neighborhood in about a week or so and will send you some private email about that soon.


  2. Florida is definitely too hot for me. Both my daughters did advanced degrees in Gainesville (UF) and we moved the first one into her third floor apt (no elevator) in August. Nope. And everything molds if you’re not diligent about dehumidifying. Blech. I’m a Northern girl through and through. The winters get to me occasionally, but not enough to move…we can always visit someplace warm for a bit. Our weather right now is right up my alley…60’s and sunny with a nice breeze.


    1. I don’t want to preclude the possibility, but like you, I may just be a Midwesterner at heart. Discovering that is part of what this trip is all about. It was great visiting my brother who has lived in St. Pete for 65 years, but I don’t think Florida is where I will choose to spend the rest of my life. 😁


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