On The Road #4- Day 9 -The Gulf Coast

Here it is 6am and I am sitting in a hotel room in Houston Texas watching a thousand cars go by every minute. Welcome to the big city, I guess. I spent the last three days traveling along the Gulf of Mexico coastline from St. Pete Florida to Beaumont Texas. I’m in a hotel room because it is just too hot to be camping or boondocking here right now. It was in the mid-90s yesterday and is not supposed to get below 80 last night!

The 1100-mile journey took three days and covered five States. I didn’t know when I started it that it would end up being focused on my love of oysters, especially on the half shell. I had them for a meal on three different occasions during the trip and loved them, but thirty of them in a three-day period weren’t appreciated by my guts, although they did get a much-needed cleaning out because of them.

I almost forgot to get a picture before they were all gone
Biloxi MS
World famous

In addition to eating them, I also went to three different museums to learn about the history of Gulf Coast Oysters.

But, I must admit that they weren’t as tasty as the Chesapeake Bay Blue Points I frequently ate while in New Jersey for four years. 😎

I know I didn’t cover much of this Gulf Coast adventure here. Consider this just a daily report and more will come later after I am settled in back home in the Midwest. Too much happening to spend too much time in front of my laptop. 😎

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