On The Road #7 – Days 11 -14. It Worked!!

You don’t see too many dragons on top of galleries anywhere but Santa Fe

Here I am on the final day of my three-day layover in Santa Fe and I can say it has rejuvenated me for the rest of the trip. I spent the first night in a RV park just outside the city and the last two days in a very nice hotel a walk away from the famous town square. My µRV appreciates it too as it hasn’t moved for a couple of days now as I walk everywhere here. In the last two days I have logged 5 miles. 🥴

I was in Santa Fe about six years ago, but wanted to see it one more time. Since I have already seen much of the sites, I decided to concentrate on the people on this trip. This is a very diverse population. I would dare say that except for the tourists white folks are a distinct minority here. But, sadly, it also appears to have a significant homeless population. I love the people. They always have a hello. I also love the architecture, it is so different from what I am familiar with.

But, one thing for sure is that it is expensive here. You can’t get a meal in the old town area for less than $20 here. Margaritas go for $12-15 a pop. I had one in the hotel dining room last night. The area is filled with shops and galleries that cater to the affluent.

Changing gears now. Tomorrow, I will be on the road again headed for Arizona for a week or so, and then it will be on the road toward home. I have decided to cancel a few stops as I know my endurance will wane as the next week progresses.

I spent a good part of today planning the next week. Yeah, I know I said I would freestyle, but I have pretty much failed at that. I am just a planner at heart. It is what I do, and I think I am pretty good at it. I intended to go through Monument Valley, but I found out that you needed to reserve a tour spot at least a week ahead, and I don’t want to put my camper through that.

But, thanks to my friend Bob Lowery, I have several other sights to see in the coming week. I will tell you about those after they have happened. I am also very much looking forward to finally meeting Bob face-to-face. He has been a virtual buddy for over ten years now. It’s about time he learned just how ornery I am in person. 😎 Let’s close off this post with some more pictures of this beautiful city.

Looking out my hotel room window
My hotel plaza outside my window.
I gotta get with the times, so here is a selfie in the town square. I think I forgot to shave for a couple of days
Almost everything here is adobe. You simply don’t find that in the Midwest

5 thoughts on “On The Road #7 – Days 11 -14. It Worked!!

  1. Santa Fe is a must-see at least once. The women selling their crafts on the sidewalk of the town square, the art galleries, and beautiful colors everywhere make it almost worth a $15 drink!

    Enjoy your journey through Arizona. It certainly has sights you won’t see in the Midwest. If you do spend some time in Flagstaff you may fall in love wirh this very outdoors-oriented college town. It is loaded with hiking trails and a quaint dowtown. It is also the home of Lowell Observatory, just east of downtown. Besides being the place that discovered Pluto, it has fascinating displays and nightly telescope views of the heavens.

    Betty and I look forward to finally meeting the real R.J, in person! Safe travels.


  2. Have fun with Bob and Betty… great people. Regret I won’t get to meet you in AZ as we are now in MN for the summer. Enjoy your visit!


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