On The Road #8 – Day 15 – La Posada

I don’t do this very often, but I am going to give full endorsement to the hotel I spent two days on my layover in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This is the second time I have spent multi-day visits to Santa Fe. The first time I came here my wife and I spent a few days at the La Fonda hotel which is just off the town square and probably the most famous hotel in old town. I didn’t want to stay there again as I wanted to reserve those memories exclusively for my late wife.

The La Posada was my choice for this trip, and I am most glad that it was. It was a unique experience that is in easy walking distance from all the sites of old town. It is fascinating that the hotel was built around an historic house called the Staab House built in 1882. That house still exits today inside the main hotel structure. I have never come across this before. Most of the hotel rooms are in an adobe type village of small structures and excellently landscaped gardens. The hotel is known as “Santa Fe’s Art Hotel” as the Staab House’s walls are covered with art from past and present regional artists.

My two days at La Posada were some of the most relaxing times I have ever spent in a hotel and that is precisely what I needed to recharge my batteries at the midpoint of this on-the-road adventure. Yes, you can find many other places to spend the night in Santa Fe that are much less expensive, but you will never find one that is so peaceful and enjoyable. I have walked through the entire complex several times since I have been here. Here are some pictures to prove that. 😎

(click on any of the pictures to bring up a full size gallery view)

2 thoughts on “On The Road #8 – Day 15 – La Posada

  1. You must have been in heaven with all that art to study. I loved the sculpture gardens, too. In a bit of serendipity, I just finished a novel, Queen of the Owls, written by Barbara Lynn Probst. The book’s main character was about a studious, “owlish” woman whose doctoral thesis concerns Georgia O’Keeffe. I’ve never fallen in love with O’Keeffe’s work and the book was a bit more on the erotic side that I usually prefer, but I will now devote a little more time to O’Keeffe and to Probst’s other novels, too. Glad you had this respite.


    1. I visited the O’Keeffe site on my last visit, and I too was not a big fan. It’s good just not my style. Had a wonderful time in Santa Fe and I am recharged for the next round. I am now in Flagstaff and will be heading to Seguaro NP after a visit to this beautiful city.


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