On The Road #9 – Days 13-15, Arizona

I have spent the last three days in Arizona. In many ways, it is beautiful, or at least very different here than home. One thing I can say it that it is very HOT an DRY. I didn’t expect that so early in the year. Their fire alert is set to VERY HIGH. Except for Flagstaff, it has been in the 100s during the day and doesn’t get below the 90s until late night. Of course, that precluded boondocking, so my nights here have been in hotels. I simply can’t sleep in my camper when it is that hot.

Flagstaff is an interesting town, much like my hometown in population and the fact that it is a college town. I visited the village Sedona later that day. The red rock buttes that surround the town are simply awesome!

After Sedona, I moved to the southern part of the State near Tucson to visit Saguana NP which is known for the 17-mile loop through more cacti than I have ever seen in my life, and a mining town called Bisbee. Since I have many pictures of those areas, I will leave those for a post when I return home.

Today, I am off to finally see a long time virtual friend near Phoenix, and then it will be the official turnaround to home. I will have a lot of things to say about the trip later. I have learned a lot about myself, and what I want to do with the rest of my life. I will save all that for an on-the-road epilogue.

I don’t know how many days it is going to take to get home. I don’t intend to rush it, but I am getting kinda antsy to get back to my usual daily routines. I never knew how much I would miss that.

5 thoughts on “On The Road #9 – Days 13-15, Arizona

  1. So good to finally meet you today, RJ. Betty and I had a tremendous time learning more about you, the person, and not just the blogger we have been reading for the last decade. Sharing a meal at the Bario Queen restairant was special.

    Have a safe, unhurried, and memorable trip home. You will have enough to write about for months.


    1. Equally back at you Bob. I was amazed by all of Betty’s artwork. I know you talk about her work frequently on your blog, I just didn’t know am amount or quality of all the things displayed around your home.

      I think I know you pretty well after a decade of post comments back and forth, but there is nothing like actually meeting in person that seals a friendship. I hope I didn’t scare you off and we continue to be buddies for another decade. 😊

      I am in a room in Santa Rosa NM and will be putting out a post about the last couple of day, tonight so some of my followers won’t be worried about me.😎


      1. You have inspired me to write posts about learning sign language, and Betty’s artistic talents. Thank you!

        Be safe, my friend.


    1. Thank you, m2muse. Sometimes I think I am stuck in a rut. But then when my routine is disturbed, I see how essential it is to me. Kinda like “Can’t live with it, can’t live without it”


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