Loving Jesus…

The very foundations of my religious beliefs revolve around the teachings of Jesus. I no longer call myself a Christian as that word has become so tainted by those who think they need to add their input to what Jesus said. Jesus made it clear that THE root thing in following him is for us to love each other as God loves us. To me, hell has no place in that teaching. That is why I have come to believe in universal salvation. Wouldn’t it be a much better world if we took the time we presently spent trying to get people to believe what we do, to instead just love God and each other as he loves us?

How can we believe in God’s love while at the same time he sends the vast majority of his creation to languish for an eternity in utter suffering? That makes absolutely no sense to me. If God really loves each and every one of us, then why would he even allow hell to exist?

Let’s take eternal punishment out of the equation, and just concentrate on the love of Jesus.

Just a quick thought for this Sunday…

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