Oh, Those Dreaded Routines…

One of the things that has almost been a constant here at RJsCorner for the last few years is my statement that I embrace change and loathe routines. My recent On-The-Road journey across the South and Southwest U.S. has proven that to be for the most part inaccurate. I still like to experience change once in a while, but I have come to recognize that routines are an essential part of my life, particularly my widower life.

I have read hundreds of articles that those of us who have Aspie traits are obsessed with our routines. I always thought that that part of Aspergers had passed me by. But, I now stubbornly admit that this recent road trip proved otherwise. By necessity, my usual routines were pretty much obliterated during that on-the-road time. Living in a 40 square foot moving abode necessitated that happening. I didn’t want to admit that at first. I tried to stick to my usual routine of doing most of my creative work in the morning hours and then the mundane, you might say relaxing, things in the afternoon and evening. I just never managed to establish a new routine for on-the-road purposes, and that often bothered me greatly. I seemed to just be wandering aimlessly from day to day!

It seemed that driving, that is getting from one place to another, became top priority. I didn’t intend that to happen, but it did. Since I had no one there anymore to remind me to breathe, or eat, or relax, those things tended to fall by the wayside. That is likely one of the reasons I lost 3 lbs during this trip? I just forgot to eat. Even though I was experiencing some new and exciting things, by the end of the second week I was ready to pack it in and head home just to get back to my usual daily routine. I didn’t, but I was ready.

I have been home for about a week now and am once again settling into the slightly modified daily routine that I had left. That has calmed my nerves tremendously. So, stubbornly I admit that for me my routines create order out of chaos in my world, and I, like other Aspies, might be more obsessed with them than I thought.

I am learning many things about myself as a result of my on-the-road adventure, and that is helping me to decide what suits me best for the coming final years.

And That Is A Good Thing.

I will have quite a bit more to talk about routines in near future posts…

4 thoughts on “Oh, Those Dreaded Routines…

  1. Dorothy had it right: “there’s no place like home,” even after meeting a man made of tin, a cowardly lion, and a wizard. It’s enlightening to explore the world but the heart is happiest with the familiar.


    1. I think you are right, Bob. We all have “the grass is greener” syndrome, but “no place like home” often overrules. I still have 4 weeks before my year is up for a decision, but I am pretty seriously leaning toward NPLH.


  2. Being a creature of habit, I like my routines, and I like them more as I age. And travel really brings that home to me. Whenever I return, I’m just happy to be doing the mundane tasks and activities in my day-to-day life. 😁


  3. Yeah, Laurel, I am finding that my routines are more important than I imagined too. I think my secret is that I am always twiddling with what is in my routine, so it doesn’t get stale. But, I sure did miss them on my OTR trip, and have come to realize I “need” my routines… especially in my retirement years.

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