Life Carries Us On…

Catching the perfect wave

Each one of us has a story sometimes filled with mourning and grief along with occasionally happiness. Isn’t that what life is all about. It is not a stagnant thing that stops because of a loss or embarrassment. We simply can’t, nor should we want to stop time.

Like a surfer on a big wave,

Life carries us on to make room for tomorrow and all the following days

I can announce now that I am past whatever stage of grief that hasn’t allowed that to happen. I commit to quit spending so much time looking at the past, and will do my best to always be looking at today and the future.

I may not be as colorful as the Toucan above, but I intended to go more with the flow from this day forward. Past waves were here but now they are gone. I am watching out for the next big one to drive me into the future.

One thought on “Life Carries Us On…

  1. I find myself thinking about the past more as I age. But staying positive and looking forward is a good strategy.


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