Can Dreams Become Reality?

I am a lifelong dreamer. I seem to constantly be thinking about how my world could be better if only…

But, if you spend too much time dreaming, can that eventually become your reality? That is what this post is all about. Nothing too ambitions huh?

By not going down a road, it will always remain a road ahead. A personal example of that is my recent 6,000 mile trip that was inspired by John Steinbeck’s novel Travels With Charlie”. I first read that book as a young teenager who had yet to see much of the world. Steinbeck’s description of so many of his encounters in that book, entranced me. It made me want to some day discover that world myself.

I should have just let that dream be the continual road ahead. Especially, since I am now deaf and have significant social disabilities related to being an Aspie. I claim to be driven primarily by logic, but at least in this circumstance, it was anything but logical to think that I could now fulfill that dream generated so long ago. I should have acknowledged that the dream was not even a possibility and just let it go.

That part of my recent 6,000-mile voyage was doomed to failure before it was even started. Even dreaming of replicating Steinbeck’s adventures should have just remained an unfulfilled dream.

I’m not saying the trip itself was a failure, it did answer many questions I have about my current life and I did get to visit people I haven’t seen in years, and some I physically met for the first time. That alone made the trip rewarding. Seeing all the new sites and eating so many fresh oysters was a pleasant experience. I have to admit that I like Chesapeake oysters much more than the Gulf version. I learned many hidden things about myself during the trip, that will help shape my final years.

I don’t regret for a minute having made the trip. I just wish I hadn’t tried to link it with and unattainable duplication of Steinbeck’s adventure.

Some dreams should be left as just dreams.

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