The Philosophy Of Life #2 – Why?

After looking at last Monday’s post about Bertrand Russell I have decided that I have been thinking too narrowly about this new special project. So, I am going to expand its scope to include lessons on life learned from several philosophers, thus the new icon above.

Philosophy is a hard topic for many to really get interested in. I don’t know why I got hooked on it at a pretty young age, maybe my Aspie traits, maybe my questions about why I am here. There have been many philosophers in history who just didn’t have much ability to speak to us laymen. Most of us armchair philosophers tend to focus on those philosophers who help us answer life’s questions. Eventually, we end up with an expansive list of those who do just that. I have developed quite a list and have, and will, be sharing them with you. They include people from 500BC up to today.

One of my high school classes in the 1960s got me interested in philosophy. I don’t remember which one, maybe it was Mrs. Bailey’s Latin class. She was a very enthusiastic teacher, we even had toga parties. 😄 I think Latin is also what got me started on being a wordsmith. So many English words have their roots in Latin, and she frequently pointed that out.

Anyway, getting back to the subject of this post. I want to make it easy for you my readers, and me also, to be able to browse through what philosophers have taught me about life, or maybe just they taught me to ask the right questions about life. The list is quite extensive. The post this past week about Bertrand Russell seems to have re-ignited my interest in the subject. If this doesn’t interest you, just skip over them. This series will continue on Mondays until it is complete, whatever that means. 🥸

Of course, I will eventually include Russell’s 7 things as pointed out in last Monday’s post, but first let’s spend some time considering just what philosophy is and isn’t, and maybe a quick review of the more famous philosophers. I guarantee, although you probably don’t believe me, that this will be another interesting path taken to expand our horizons here on RJsCorner. I do love going down paths not often taken, and I hope to get you interested as well.

I am likely doing this series primarily for me, in that I need to re-visit these guys to help me better understand my road ahead and what paths I should take along the journey. I overthink everything, so…

I also need it to be able to lay in the sun and soak up my life path ahead, and in a weird sort of way, I think this series will help me with that

2 thoughts on “The Philosophy Of Life #2 – Why?

  1. I am interested in following this topic as I also have had many questions and not many answers, but have never really gone into it as you probably have. Thank you for opening up some different topics on your post which I am sure will help others with similar interests, or it will at least give us something to give more to think about.


    1. I’m glad you like the diversity here at RJsCorner, Rosie. Philosophy is one of those areas I delved deeply into in the 1980s and 90s. It will be interesting to revisit all my heroes in this area. But, up front I realize that it will be a challenge to parse their thoughts into 500 segments. But, I think i am up to it. 🥸

      As this series goes along come back and let me know how I am doing.


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