Keep Going Back To It…

You’re going to forget 90% of what you hear or read because it’s usually single exposure. If you really want to learn something, keep going back to it.

I don’t know who said this quote, but there is a lot of truth to it. In preparation for the upcoming Philosophy of Life special project I am currently putting together, I have downloaded copies of several Bertrand Russell’s books, and am getting paper copies where e-copies are not available. It’s been a while since I did a serious study on Russell, so I have forgotten some of the reasons I love the guy.

I do remember that I love him because he was a troublemaker who questioned everything. If something didn’t make sense to him, he said so. He wrote 70 books and thousands of articles in his almost 100 years of life. Many of those books were written between 1900 -1930. It is astonishing to see that they apply so directly even today.

It’s going to be nice to revisit Russell’s life and works.

Getting back to the topic of this post, to become knowledgeable on any subject you must study it again and again. I take great pleasure in reading things that make me think. I just love getting down in the mud on so many subjects. My Aspie traits enhance my ability to do that.

In the coming weeks I will likely reread thousands of pages about philosophy in order to give a couple of dozen 500 posts. I’ll do the hard work to help you broaden your mind. 😎 I don’t mind, it is fun at both ends.

This post seems to be rambling on, but it makes sense at least to me how it is all linked together. But, enough is enough… Bye

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