RetComLife – Stories About Fitting In (aka becoming one of the gang)

Fitting In – But still unique

I now have over 40 posts in the category of RetComLife (retirement community life), so I have decided to now forego the numbers in the title line. My RetComLife posts up until now, have been about the “dos and don’ts” and possible choices of selecting a place to live in our senior years, or finding the right place for a loved one. After much search, I have decided to stay where I am for another year, and then revisit the possible relocation at that time. So, it’s time to move RetComLife in a new direction.

So, this new category (fitting in) going forward will be more about what I am doing to “fit” in here in my RetCom. Because of my deafness and Aspie traits, I have troubles with many social situations. I have lamented that fact many times here, probably too many times. Now that we are in August, I have decided to use this category telling stories about what I am actively doing to be part of this community. I think these stories will help you when it comes to choosing a retirement community by showing you some of the day-to-day stuff that happens here.

Except for a few future situations, I am done being in the “poor me” mode. It doesn’t do me any good to just moan about my situation, I need to get out and do something about it. I’m sure there will be many failed attempts at fitting in, but I’m also certain that there will be some successes. Hopefully, we both can learn from both those types.

I already have a list of several things that might make me a more active member of my community. Of course, I am keeping a list, but don’t want to rush into all of them at once. Yeah, I tend to do that. 🤪 The first thing on the list starts soon.

Enough for now, I look forward to finally “getting off my butt and doing something” about my life going forward. Since short storytelling is becoming my favorite writing venue, I also look forward to using that mode here. If you have any comments, suggestions, or thoughts about these new type posts, please let me know. I value your input and wisdom and can use all the help I can get with this new direction.

Tomorrow, I will be dropping the second shoe about some basic changes on RetComLife.

Postscript: To delineate this new direction in RetComLife I have decided to give these new posts a separate subcategory here at RJsCorner. When you click on the “Ongoing Projects” header above and choose RetComLife, you will now be presented with a subcategory entitled “Fitting In”. If you choose that topic the list of posts will be limited to this new category. If you choose RetComLife you will get all the posts.

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