The Only World That Won’t Disappoint…

As I get older, the world around me seems to disappoint me more and more. Part of that is due to an extreme narcissist who has conned so many people who would never dream of thinking for themselves, that he is the answer to all our problems. But, the other part is people just seem to get dumber a dumber as each year passes. Maybe, it is because I get wiser and wiser and everyone else stays where they are. šŸ˜µā€šŸ’«

The only world that won’t disappoint me, is the one I make up in my mind.

Throughout my life I have been interested in reading about the many failed attempts to create the perfect society. I live less than a hundred miles away from a couple of the more famous ones, in the New Harmony Indiana. Some wise dreamer decides that he has discovered the way to make a society hum along in perfect harmony for all its citizens, and he has the money to try to accomplish that. Others are religious in nature. Quakers and Mennonites are some of those experiments. But, for one reason or another, most last less than a decade before they are fractured into obscurity.

Perhaps the biggest experiment in world history is the Roman Catholic Church. They started out looking solely at Jesus and his teachings, but before long other well-intended people began to put their spin on Jesus’ worlds. “He said this, but he really meant this…” That utopian society quickly started turning from action to belief. That diluted their founder’s words. And, so it goes…

But, then there is the other side of the coin. Utopia pretty much dictates that everyone act and think like everybody else. But, if you think about that wouldn’t a world where everybody thought and acted the same be a pretty boring place. If no one was allowed to think differently, then nothing new would be discovered.

There is nothing new under the sun

Maybe utopia isn’t a utopia after all? Maybe it is really a prison? Just something I have been thinking about lately.

The core trouble with utopia is that everybody has a different version of it in their mind.

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