On-The-Road: Fall of 2022- Mystic CT

I don’t know specifically why Mystic Connecticut got on my life’s bucket list, but I think it has something to do with the 1988 movie Mystic Pizza. I was in my second year of marriage to my lovely bride, and still couldn’t imagine why she loved me as she did. My dating life bordered on tragic. Then she came along and loved me for who I was. The movie was about 3 sisters who worked in a family-owned pizza parlor in Mystic. It was one of the first movies with Julia Roberts who went on to be a super-start as film critic Roger Ebert predicted upon reviewing this movie in 1988. Social situations have always been hard for me. Maybe I manage to live vicariously through these types of movies, and for some unknown reason this one stuck with me.

Getting to the main part of this post, I am currently in the planning stages to visit Connecticut and Mystic will be on the agenda. I usually try to have a theme for all my vacations. This one is primarily around the “Connecticut Art Trail” which is trip through the State’s world-class museums and historic sites. There are 22 sites on this tour, and I am in the process of deciding which I will go to. They span the range from collections rich in history and heritage as well as European masterpieces, American Impressionism, ancient art, and my current favorite, contemporary culture.

I discovered from my Spring 6,000-mile journey through the South and Southwest this Spring that my Aspie traits only allow me to comfortably be away from my daily routines for a couple of weeks at a time, so that will likely dictate how much I see. I just didn’t realize before this how much of a hold my daily routines had on me. That is not a bad thing as I do get considerable joy working on my regular lists throughout the year.

I do intend to visit an “active” retirement community near Columbus Ohio, and also spend some time in Buffalo New York visiting some sites I have had on my list for years now, but the rest is at least right now reserved for Connecticut. If any of you have any suggestions for Connecticut or surrounding area, please let me know. I will likely start the trip in mid-September.

6 thoughts on “On-The-Road: Fall of 2022- Mystic CT

  1. Maybe I manage to live vicariously through these types of movies“. I have done much the same with some TV series, but especially with the Wife. She’s an emotional roller coaster, while I’m an anchor. We balance out well 🙂


    1. For my wife and I, I was the roller coaster, and she was the anchor. But, now there is no one there to slow me down, and I need that frequently. I still watch “800 Words” every morning during my breakfast. One episode lasts me about four breakfasts.

      BTW… I watched the “My Life Is Murder” series you suggested, and it is now on my watchlist. It is kinda like the French series “Candice Renoir”. I can’t have too many of those type shows.

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      1. If you get the opportunity, do check out “The Brokenwood Mysteries“. it’s also set in small town NZ with characters seeking alternative lifestyles and those escaping from city life. Be warned that each episode is designed to fill a 2-hour time-slot on commercial TV and run for a around 90 – 95 minutes without commercial breaks.

        I haven’t seen “Candice Renoir” but by its Wikipedia page, it does seem to be in a similar vein to “My Life is Murder“.

        I’m not sure if you’ve seen the British series “Midsomer Murders” or “Lewis“. These have been amongst my favourites for years and are similar to the pace and style of “800 Words” and “The Brokenwood Mysteries”.


  2. Your trip sounds as if it will nourish your art-loving soul plus allow you to explore other options as your residence.


    1. Yeah, I think it will Linda. But, I am already in the mode for considering another or maybe additional option. But, I now I will finally get Mystic CT off my bucket list 🤪


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