Every Pic Tells A Story – Graffiti Art And Hoosier Cabinets

I have always been entranced by graffiti art. Some of it is so complex and beautiful. When I recently visited Switchyard Park in my hometown of Bloomington Indiana, it linked my memories of graffiti with some local history that means a lot to me.

When I visited the park for the first time I discovered that a now derelict building was a critical part of the park complex. The building started out in 1919 as a manufacturing facility that made Hoosier Cabinets. It was later converted to an RCA facility making radios.

When I opened my custom cabinet shop in 2000, reproduction Hoosier cabinets were one of the premier products. Here is a little about them from Wikipedia

Later it became an RCA manufacturing plant to build radios and such. Now it is a place for graffiti art to be proudly demonstrated.

(click on any of the pictures to see a larger version)

I especially like the one related to the COVID age, as shown at the top of this post. I wonder if people in the future will recognize it as such.

Switchyard Park is one of the top community parks I have ever visited. Among many other things, it has over 3 miles of walking paths. In fact, I am going there a week from today to participate in a Walk for Alzheimer’s event. I intend to visit here frequently in the future.

6 thoughts on “Every Pic Tells A Story – Graffiti Art And Hoosier Cabinets

  1. Well darn, that didn’t work… It’s on Kirsten Dirksen” YouTube channel.
    Family of five optimizes space with 1950s transformer furniture


    1. I got the link MQ and viewed it. It resembles a Hoosier Cabinet, but besides the general layout, it doesn’t have the usual accessories. But, it was neat. Since it was in Paris France, I suspect it was inspired by the Hoosier.

      Thanks for sending me the link, I enjoyed seeing it.


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