Sometimes I Am Just Not In The Mood.

I am a list maker and certainly require my routines. That seems to be at the core of my being. I mostly blame that on my Aspie traits, but I don’t know that for sure. Certainly, my Aspie traits are part of what makes me who I am, but they are not EVERYTHING I am. 😵‍💫

Anyway, getting to the topic of this post, over the life of this blog I have tried to schedule certain categories of posts to specific days of the week. After 14 years, I ought to know better. I try to do that so that some of my categories of posts don’t get lost in the muck of life.

But, sometimes I am just not in the mood to perform on schedule

I kinda like being spontaneous and unpredictable most of the time. My post ideas just don’t happen on command or a schedule. They are often just flashes across my mind. It could be due to what I just read or saw on a favorite TV program. When that happens, I usually hit the pause button, and proceed to my computer to write it down as a possible future post. Sometimes, well actually often, I wake up in the middle of the night with a “brilliant” idea. I know it will be gone in the morning, so I get out of bed and head to my computer. I presently have about 25 drafts in my blog queue. Sometimes that number exceeds 50!

The purpose of this particular post is to tell you that I am, once again, going to skip schedules, or at least not pay too much attention to them. I will just put out a post about whatever I want to talk about that day. According to my schedule, today is supposed to be about philosophers, but I am just not in the mood. I think most people who come to RJsCorner expect a diversity of posts, and not in any particular order. Yes, as my favorite movie “Tron” said chaos is often good news. 🤪

On a final note, I will be starting my Fall 2022 trip to New England next week, so I am not posting every day this week as I need the time to thoroughly prepare for the trip. There will likely be several days during the trip that I won’t post, and when I do, the post will likely be about what I experienced that day. I call those “On-The-Road” posts, and they are included in the Ongoing projects category above, as well as the daily list.

Sometimes I Feel Like A Nut, Sometimes I Don’t

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