When Do Boys Quit Being Boys?

I really don’t know the personal answer to the above statement. I still kinda feel like a boy even in my 70s. I know there are a lot of answers about life that I still haven’t learned. I don’t go as far as Socrates and say “I know nothing”, but I realize that there is infinitely more I don’t know than I know. Speaking of Socrates, the philosophical answer is that boys quit being boys when they acquire a moral compass.

I don’t know where this moral compass quote came from, but when I recently heard it I thought of our present times, and that scares me. It just seems that that so many in the world today don’t have a moral compass. When I think about a moral compass, I think about the teachings of Jesus. He had so much to say about how we should treat each other. It greatly saddens me that so many who call themselves Christians seem to have not yet learned what he intended to teach us, or even worse yet, totally ignore it!

Too many go about their lives in total disregard of those outside their immediate circles. They take something that one moraless person tells them to believe as their purpose in life. To others it is TOTALLY about abortion. But then sadly they seem to disregard everything that Jesus told them about how to love each other as He loved us after we are born. Before you leave the womb you are valued, after you are on your own, especially if you are not a member of their moral clan.

Jesus told us to be our brother’s keep, and he went on to say that EVERYONE is your brother. How many people tragically total ignore that lesson!

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