It Feels Kinda Like a Cop-out But…

I know I am only at the very beginning of my sketching project here on RJsCorner, but I need a break. That feels like a cop-out but, I promise it isn’t. With the trip to the New England States beginning next week, I have been busy with all the planning required for it. From my 6,000-mile South & Southwest trip this Spring, I learned that planning is absolutely necessary for me to feel like “Mission Accomplished”. So, this one is thoroughly planned out in advance.

I promise I will get back to my sketching project after I return from this trip. In the meantime, I will give you some artsy fartsy pictures I have gathered lately.

click for a larger view

This one was from the Ft Wayne Museum of Art last year. The reason it is one of my favorites is the play on light that produce some interesting shadows. Speaking of shadows, maybe I am becoming more aware of that sort of thing because of my sketching. 😁

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