Everyone’s Has A Story… About The Future Of RJsCorner

Everyone’s got a story. A big part of my story is my logo above. The current dilemma is: What format and media should I use to tell my story going forward?

To the right is the definition of a blog from WordPress, my blog provider:

When I started RJsCorner in 2008, the majority of blogs were personal in nature. Hence, the “diary-type” commentary. Since that time blogs are now mostly dominated by businesses as a way to advertise their products. Personal blogs, such as mine, are still very popular, but have now been partially replaced for some by apps such as Twitter and Facebook.

I love telling my stories in “500 words or less”. Twitter and Facebook just don’t work for a wordsmith, even one at just 500 words. I have toyed with the idea of shutting down RJsCorner and moving it to a different venue, but have decided that is not going to happen any time soon. I am currently looking at duplicating it at the site Medium.com and some day it may eventually solely reside there. But, As long as some of you guys stick around, RJsCorner will remain where it is.

I just wanted to let you know that in quite a few less than 500 words.

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