Why I Post…”Simplify”

Yesterday, I posted one of the reasons I have been writing on this blog for the last 14 years and that is to get you to “Think For Yourself, Question Everything, and Never Stop Learning”. Today, I want to give you another central reason. That reason can be described in one word.


All my life, especially my life in the corporate world, I have been constantly exposed to things that I see as grossly overcomplicated. I saw the company I worked for spend millions of dollars on something that could be accomplished for MUCH less. My view is that complicated things just make life more difficult than they have to be.

I spent the latter part of my corporate life trying to make life easier for my fellow employees and less expensive for my bosses. I think I did a pretty good job of that as I did get some embarrassing accolades from both those groups.

I have also spent much of my personal life trying to simplify how I live day-to-day, especially in my retirement years. I can’t believe that started over twenty years ago! If you could see my retirement community (RetCom) apartment, you would find several large signs and many smaller ones with the word “Simplify” on them. These are constant reminders that things can always be simplified to take the stress and anxiety out of daily living. To my mind, there is simply no process that can’t be improved and simplified. Everything can always be done better, and I make it part of my life to always seek to do just that. RJsCorner is a primary tool I use to help you to maybe learn some of the lessons I have learned in this area.

Generally, I hope my readers find some value in my words here. I’m sure you don’t agree with everything I say here, and that’s alright. I just want to get you to thinking about everything you encounter in life as having possibilities for improvement.

My final word to you, is the same one I started this post with


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