Here’s To You, Feedly

With this post, I am going to introduce you to Feedly. No, it is not about feeding the world, but it kinda does feed my world. Feedly is an RSS app that you can use to see what your favorite blogs or other type websites are putting out. Before I get into how to load and use Feedly, I need to give you a little story about a current annoyance in my life.

If you are a member of WordPress all you have to do is click the WordPress Button at the top of the widget bar to the right and my blog will be put on your WordPress reader list. If you are not a member of WordPress you can subscribe to getting daily emails. But, l imagine many of you are like me in that your email in-boxes are always overflowing with mail. Actually, I have two active emails. One is for the junk mail, that is, where sites won’t let you see them until you give them an email address. That one usually has more than 100 posts when I look at it every couple of days. The titles and who they are from get a rapid scan and then everything is trashed in one swell swoop. The second email is for the most part, private. I only give it out to friends, family, and business I “need” to hear from. So, email is just not how I want to be notified of when my favorite blogs put out a new post.

Instead, I use Feedly. It is an RSS app that contains a list of my favorite blogs and such. I could try to explain what RSS is, but it’s not worth the effort, so I won’t do that. Instead, I will just show you a little about how it works.

Currently, I have about a dozen blog sites that I follow daily. When a post is put out a picture, if available, along with the blog title and a brief description of the post is shown. I just click on that to bring up the full post. I have been using Feedly now for at least six years or so. I use the free version, but there are paid versions that allow hundreds of feeds.

Feedly is usually my second go-to place on my morning views. It just makes my life a little less complicated, and we all need that, don’t we? If you care to install the app yourself click here

2 thoughts on “Here’s To You, Feedly

  1. Thanks for this information. I use Hootsuite to simplify my Twitter feed, and this seems a bit like that, expanded for all my feeds.


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