Artsy Fartsy Saturday – The Ubiquitous Weaving Loom.

I have visited more historic colonies than I can even count during my Search Of America, and almost every one has a version of a loom in it. Without even serving its function the loom itself has an artsy feel. My wife really loved weaved rugs, so we had more of them around the house than I could even count. I know, those types of rugs are dangerous for us wobbly seniors, so I left them all to the young new owners of my 21-year homestead. I’m sure they put them to good use.

3 thoughts on “Artsy Fartsy Saturday – The Ubiquitous Weaving Loom.

  1. Having worked for commercial textile mills in my career, I have a particular fondness for looms, especially the historic wooden ones. They’re truly pieces of art. That one is a beauty! (I love the old hand loomed rugs, too, but you were smart to leave them behind. They’re a surefire way to trip for me.)


    1. I liked them to Laurel and thought about bringing some to my RetCom, but, like you say, I decided on safety over memories.

      In my recent trip across western Connecticut and Massachusetts I came across several abandoned textile mills. I got some nice pictures and stories to share about then in the coming weeks. I didn’t realize there were that many in the area I visited. Many of the small towns were factory towns.

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      1. I look forward to that. One of the mills I used to visit was in Massachusetts. Big textile area because of all the rivers and natural power out there back in the day.


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