I Command You To Be Satisfied…


I can’t cite you chapter and verse, but I know somewhere in the Bible it says that we are to obey our masters and to satisfied with our place in life. Since this sounds very contrary to the words of Jesus, so I suspect it is in the Old Testament or maybe the words of Paul. It tells us if we obey our masters we will be rewarded in heaven. Don’t rock the boat, don’t try to be better than your place in life. But, I kinda think those words were actually written by slave owners who wanted a cheap and obedient workforce. No extravagant palaces and some places of worship would not have been built if not for obedient slaves.

If you think about it, aren’t those words very contrary to the American way of life? Aren’t we supposed to always want more and more? In fact, our economic system demands that. We are now finding that much of our way of life depends on a minimum wage workforce that has almost dried up due to COVID and many other things. We just can’t find enough workers now who are willing to work for below life sustaining wages.

Now that I have your attention, let’s get on to the ultimate purpose of this post.

I know I cover too many topics and that indirectly prevents RJsCorner from getting a wider audience. They say to get a lot of views at blogging, you need to find a narrow niche to cover. Something that can make your blog come up in the first page of a Google Search. I have no intention of doing that, but it would be nice to have a few more people reading what I take so much time to write.

  • Maybe I should be satisfied with a few hundred daily views that I get. I have made some good friends from all you regular neighbors around RJsCorner. I appreciate all of you who do take the time to read my words and thoughts, and especially those who add their thoughts. But…sometimes that just doesn’t seem enough.
  • Maybe I shouldn’t be like the small-town celebrity who goes to NYC and become famous? Maybe I should just be satisfied with my place in the blog world?
  • Maybe my ego is just too big, but when I see bloggers whose posts are to me almost utter trash but have many thousands of followers I get envious. Their posts seem much more trivial than mine. Why do they have so many followers?

Jealousy is a strong passion which I don’t often like to admit that I have. Maybe I should just know my place in life and quit aspiring to be something greater?

4 thoughts on “I Command You To Be Satisfied…

  1. “Do a little…. do it well… you’ve done a lot.”

    A favorite saying that I often need to be reminded of here. Keep on writing. Or as my late business partner (an avid swimmer) would say… just keep on splashing.


  2. I remember reading a theory in anthropology that “negative” emotions such as anger, depression, or even, perhaps, jealousy can have benefits. If you’re at a crossroads, depression can keep you from leaping too quickly into a bad situation, for example. Perhaps jealousy can motivate you to find ways to optimize for SEO codes, write an article that might be published and promoted elsewhere, or take other steps to move your name and blog up higher on searches, or perhaps it can motivate you to firmly decide that’s just not you. I know a writer whose book has been on many of Amazon’s firsts lists, but she promotes incessantly, and that’s just one something I would be interested in doing.


    1. Thanks for the thoughts, Linda. Having strong, even overwhelming emotions and experiences, and then surviving them is what it means when we say adversity builds character.


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